Olympic Flame Welcome!

23 May 2012

On May 23rd 2012 the Olympic Torch passed through Nailsea.  To celebrate this historic event pupils and staff joined the crowds to line the streets at 6.30am to cheer and wave flags as the torch was carried through.  This was followed by breakfast back at school.

Ravenswood staff and pupils watch the Olympic Flame on its journey through Nailsea 

At 9.30am a group of nine students set off to Failand to join 90 other children celebrating the occasion by playing hockey.  The Festival started with the pupils forming the five Olympic Rings wearing different coloured t-shirts and some photos were taken with an official Olympic Torch and an England hockey player.

School Olympic Games     Pupil with Olympic Flame

After the photos everyone started with a warm-up on the pitch and then schools were split into groups to start some hockey drills.  They were in rows practising dribbling with the ball to pass to the next player.  After an early lunch two games were played to try and put the skills learnt into practice.