Ravenswood backs Nailsea Water Project

19 Jul 2012

Ravenswood will be supporting this project as our main charity in 2012/13.  It is a unique project where our community, in and around Nailsea, links up with the people of South West Uganda and we work together to provide them with a clean and sustainable water supply within their village.

African women walking to collect water


A clean water supply will bring about a dramatic improvement in lifestyle.  Instead of walking two to three hours fetching water each day (carried mainly by children and women and often polluted), villagers will be able to use their village tap.  This gives the children more time for schooling and it gives the women more time to care for the family and earn extra income.  Furthermore, because the water is clean and safe, the whole community can live healthier lives.



Download the Nailsea Water Project leaflet