Post 16 are the leaders

04 Mar 2013

Leadership is an important life skill for pupils to learn and have an opportunity to put into practice.  As part of the role of School Games Organiser, in consultation with staff, it was decided that this was an area that should continue to be developed in Post 16.  The long term aim would be for the group to have the confidence to lead several PE sessions with pupils from Kingshill Primary School, encouraging greater links between the schools.


Starting with the theory of leadership, pupils were asked to identity leaders that they knew within school and the community and decide what qualities made this person a good leader.  Leadership within a sporting context was also considered and what skills this would involve.  To gain experience of leadership before they work with pupils from Kingshill, the leaders discussed the elements of a PE lesson, which part they would initially like to plan and lead.  The lessons started with a warm up: Number Tag and stuck in the mud, followed with parachute games, basketball ball and then relaxing to music.

P16 Leaders


Once the group had planned and practiced various skills of voice control, where to stand, how to motivate the whole group and feel confident with the content of their part, they had a chance to practise and fine tune their skills with pupils from Mercury Class.  This would help to develop their confidence to deliver the PE session at Kingshill later in the year.  After every session the group evaluated the lesson so that they could analyse what changes they needed to make. 


I felt that the students had excelled my expectations; it is never easy being a leader with pupils you know.  The impact of this first phase of the course will have huge benefits in developing their confidence and self esteem to take it to the next level and lead at Kingshill after Easter ...and hopefully, at other times in their lives when they need to take the lead.   


Jane Hawkes