Balzac Challenge

20 May 2013

Our Intra-Activity this term was the Balzac Class Challenge!  Pupils had to work as a team, using gentle taps in the correct direction to keep the 'Balzac' in the air; a balloon covered in a cotton case (to give it a little weight).  It's not as easy as one would think.  Mars class named the challenge ‘keepy-uppy.’


Mercury Class started by working with a partner before they attempted the team challenge.  Every class had three attempts to achieve their best number.  Venus class progressed to a game of volleyball.  Earth Class worked with their partners, perfecting their skill before the challenge.  Red and Blue classes worked individually on throwing and catching skills.  Yellow and Green classes were praised for trying so hard and working as a team.  Post 16 worked in two groups and then linked together for the largest number in a circle; they still got a good score.


Well done to Earth Class for the highest score: 34.  Post16 got 29 and Saturn Class achieved 27.


Many thanks to all the staff for supporting the event and working hard with all the pupils to ensure they achieved thier full potential.  Intra activity generates team work amongst staff and pupils, raises the profile of PE within the school and is an opportunity for pupils and staff to learn new activities and use our equipment.


Jane Hawkes



Balzac Class Challenge