Cricket Challenge at New Siblands!

03 Jun 2013

On the June 2nd pupils from Mercury Class went to New Siblands School, to play Kwik Cricket.  On arrival they were very impressed with the lovely building and facilities.  ScoresAfter enjoying a drink and biscuit which also gave everyone a chance get to know each other, they were given some time in the playground using playground equipment, including the trampoline and basketballs.      


In the sports hall all pupils participated in some warm-up games, including, running to coloured spots and tail tag.  As a group they then decided that they would rather the schools were mixed to play cricket which showed the positive level of interaction and confidence felt by all.  Teams were given a few minutes to decide on a team name before starting the first match.        


Team 'Awesome' batted first, showing skill in looking for space and taking as many runs as possible.  'The Horses' team fielded well and despite some catches by Ben and Rebecca at the end of the first game Awesome had won.  The Horses team were keen to get even so a second game was started; once again staff were impressed with both batting and fielding skills, displaying great determination.  The Horses won the second game.      


The impact of Inter fixtures can be felt across the whole school:

• It raises the profile of both PE and sport in school and the self esteem of pupils selected to participate

• Pupil standards are raised through the experience of competition

• For some staff it is an opportunity to observe a new activity or use of different equipment

• It creates the opportunity for social interaction between pupils from different schools.


Many thanks to New Siblands for hosting the event.

Jane Hawkes SGO