Ravenswood vs Baytree Football and Cricket

06 Jun 2013

At the request of pupils from both Ravenswood and Baytree schools a second 'fixture' was arranged between pupils from KS4 and P16 classes.  Baytree were excited to get on the bus and travel to Clevedon Leisure Centre.  Mr Collins kindly agreed to run the activities and football was the first game...

Cricket: Ravenswood vs Baytree


Ravenswood had a good team but they were also up against a good team and Baytree had the first centre pass and successfully passed the ball to an attacking player.  Ravenswood pupils worked really hard to get the ball and goals were scored by both teams.  Subs were rolled on and off to ensure everyone had a game.


After a quick break, cricket was introduced; a new version of Kwik Cricket that had been taught to Ravenswood pupils during their cricket coaching sessions.  It was fast, fun and ensured everyone was engaged, it also gave staff a chance to learn a new game.  All too soon it was time to finish and get back to school, with the promise of more fixtures next year.


Many thanks to Mr Collins for organising both games and hosting the event during Ravenswood PE lessons.


Jane Hawkes SGO