Athletic start to the week

17 Jun 2013

Today, Ravenswood pupils were privileged to have Dave Turner, an Athletics Coach, to work with Venus, Earth and Saturn classes.  Despite a little bit of rain the equipment was set up outside for pupils to be challenged with a run, jump and throwing activities.


Venus class prepared for a timed run, encouraged by Dave to use their arms for speed.  This was followed by a team race including speed bounce jumps.  Earth class can be seen learning how to throw turbo javelins, arm back, sideways on and throw on command.       


Saturn Class were timed for a sprint race and then had a go at speed bouncing; pupils jumped quite a distance on the standing long jump mat.


It was great to see staff joining in as well.  The final event was throwing the discus; a new event for everyone but the pupils managed really well.


Many thanks to Dave Turner for giving up his time to coach at Ravenswood School.  Specialised coaching enhances the quality of PE for all pupils, provides CPD for staff and raises the profile of PE and sport within school.


Jane Hawkes



Athletics with specialist coach Dave Turner

Athletics with specialist PE trainer Dave Turner