Good Sports at New Siblands

11 Jun 2013

Following the success of previous fixtures at New Siblands School Mars class from Ravenswood School was invited to participate in some fun activities and experience working for the morning in a different school.  On arrival the pupils introduced themselves to each other and had a drink and biscuit.  Ravenswood pupils were impressed with the lovely big classrooms and amount of space around the school.  Making friends and sharing equipment continued as pupils were given some ‘play time’ in the outside area.

Mars Class at New Siblands


Having made some new friends both classes lined-up ready to go into the sports hall to participate in some warm-up games.  The sports leaders from KS4 helped run the activities starting with stop / go, followed with running to islands and dodging the sharks.


Kwick cricket was the next game, combined teams were made and the pupils were soon kicking the ball around the hall to score as many runs as possible.  The fielding teams had a tough job getting the ball back to the bowler to hit the wicket.  Well done to Holly and Brian for great catches and to the leaders for bowling and encouraging all players.


After working so hard everyone appreciated the gentle waves with the parachute and cool air over faces.  At the end of the morning we returend to the classroom for a quick drink and to discuss what we had enjoyed putting different symbols of happy, scared, sad faces onto the board.


The impact of Inter fixtures can be felt across the whole school:

• They raise the profile of both PE and sport in school and the self esteem of pupils selected to participate

• Pupil standards are raised through the experience of competition and expectation of good behaviour out of school

• For some staff it is an opportunity to observe a new activity or use of different equipment

• They creates opportunity for social interaction between pupils from different schools

• They are an opportunity to work in a new environment and share good practice amongst staff

 North Somerset SSP

Many thanks to New Siblands for hosting the event.


Jane Hawkes