Waitrose Nailsea sow the seed

27 Jun 2013

Our pupils have been learning how to grow and look after plants thanks to Waitrose Nailsea Partners Sarah Knights and Denise Turton.


Sarah and Denise are part of the Community Matters Pillar Group at the store. Earlier this year they visited our Key Stage 2 children with packets of tomatoes, lettuce, courgette, peppers, beetroot and peas to give a talk on how to grow and tend plants.  The children have already grown tomatoes and lettuce in our greenhouse and vegetable plot on site and so the additional varieties were very welcomed.  The pupils were very excited about sowing the seeds and will buddy up with some of the older children for support with the planting and tending.


Sarah said: "I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time, it really was lovely to see such happy and smiley children and dedicated teachers."


Pupil with packet of seeds