Intraschool Sports Day

14 Oct 2013

Our first intra-challenge this year: Target throwing ‘Toad in the hole’.

Which team could collect the most cones by either getting the ball or bean bag to land in the hoop, or by hitting the most number of skittles over?

Our first Intraschool sports day of the academic year


All pupils showed a great deal of enthusiasm and were determined to work hard in their teams to get the most cones. 


To ensure all pupils could participate the task was modified by using skittles within the hoo; the number of skittles knocked over was the number of cones that could be taken.  Pupils tried to remember to point at the target to get a more accurate throw.  Pupils in Saturn Class showed a great deal of concentration trying to aim for the hoop.  Mars class made a tremendous team effort.


Well done to all the pupils for their great team spirt and determination to win.



Post16 team: 17 cones

Earth class team: 17 cones

Mercury class team: 28 cones (wow!)

Venus class team: 19 cones

Yellow class (aiming for skittles) Team: 14 cones

Green class team: 20 cones

Mars class team:  19 cones

Saturn class team: 16 cones


Thanks to all the staff for both supporting and joining-in the activity to ensure maximum benefit through the school.  By running such activities, PE and sport is enhanced throughout the school.


Thanks to Jane Hawkes for organising the day.