Inter-School Fixture: Ravenswood and New Siblands

06 Nov 2013

Today the first inter-school session of the academic year took place between New Siblands School and Ravenswood School. A first visit to a new school for some in Red Class, all were impressed with the big sports hall and lovely new buildings. Red class were welcomed by Blue class at New Siblands to join them for their PE lesson.

Ravenswood and New Siblands Fixture

After a 'welcome' the lesson began with movement to ‘ring a ring a roses’. The ability to run and stop on the bang of the tambourine was introduced next. This was followed by fun with scarves, throwing, catching, finding different parts of our bodies and running round waving scarves high and low.


'Okie cokie' and 'Head shoulders knees and toes' were two of the nursery rhymes enjoyed by both classes, but before relaxing to music a fun game of ‘cat and mouse’ was played with the parachute. All too soon it was time to have a drink and biscuit before Ravenswood pupils had a quick tour of the school and had to get back on the bus to return to school.


The pupils enjoyed drinks together a chance to share equipment in the classroom and develop communication skills with ‘new friends’.


The impact of Inter movement sessions can be felt across the whole school:

• An opportunity to develop communication skills

• Pupil standards will be raised through the experience of shared movement sessions

• For some staff it is an opportunity to observe a new activity or use of different equipment

• Creates opportunity for social interaction between pupils from different schools


Many thanks to New Siblands for hosting the event.


Jane Hawkes