Ashton Court Visit

10 Oct 2014

This was the first joint activity of the year for Ravenswood, Baytree and New Siblands Schools; unfortunately Briarwood could not join us.  It was a fantastic day of sunshine and wind for us to enjoy the outdoors, following a trail of animal pictures which led us for about a mile through the woods in Ashton Court, Bristol.


After a drink and snack we started walking, heading off over the golf course into the woods; a great start... the first picture was found on a tree.  A few more pictures were ticked off the list before heading down hill with wonderful views over Bristol.  At the end of the trail pupils from all three schools enjoyed playing games with the parachute; it was fun to step on to it to stop the wind blowing it away.  The pupils had to use big steps to stop the air lifting them up.  We also swapped places by crawling over the parachute as fast as we could.  It was lovely to see pupils from all three schools working so well together.  All too soon it was time to return to school for dinner.

Pupil voice:

’Best walk ever in the woods’ - New Siblands pupil

‘The wind is so strong it nearly blew the parachute away’ - New Siblands pupil

‘Nice time at Ashton Court’ - Baytree pupil

‘Deer Santa’ - Baytree pupils.

‘That was fun’ - Ravenswood 

‘I like making friends’ - Ravenswood



Inter fixtures provide an opportunity to work with pupils from other schools, to explore different cultures and develop communication skills.  Staff can share best practice whilst working in a different environment.  The government targets are for all pupils to have sporting opportunities away from the school.  Working in a public place enables pupils to enjoy the outdoors whilst representing their school and learning lifelong behaviours that are acceptable.



Ashton Court