Changes for Life Club at Ravenswood

10 Oct 2014

Changes for Life PE Club has started again with pupils from across all key stages, keen and eager to enjoy a variety of games and activities and improve their general level of fitness and physical skills.  The club has been fortunate enough to have a new bag of equipment from North Somerset Partnership with a focus on flight.  As in previous terms the pupils are able to select some of the games we play; football and cricket remain firm favourites.

Club members enjoyed playing football during the warm sunny evenings of September.  Kick rounders is another popular game which involves kicking the ball into space and running to score rounders.  We have also played target games; aiming for the parachute, Frisbee throwing and ‘keepie uppie’ with a huge Balzac ball.  As the weather changes no doubt we will start to enjoy basketball and more flight games inside.


The club is well supported by pupils and staff.  The pupils look forward to attending and work well together as a team supporting and encouraging each other.  Pupils try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and as a result most games they choose in Changes for Life Club are physically challenging. They enjoy new activities and using new equipment, all of which will enhance personal development, individual skills, self confidence and self esteem.




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