Dance and Drama Workshop for Anti-Bullying Week

25 Nov 2014

At Ravenswood, National Anti-Bullying week, starting on 17th November, was launched by Vickie Mitchell who is a dance specialist from the Nailsea School of Dance.  Anti-Bullying WorkshopVickie was accompanied by helper Leanne, both of whom kindly volunteered to work with all classes at Ravenswood, focussing on the topic of anti-bullying.


Middle Years pupils were asked to draw a stick man on paper, screw it up and then flatten it, to visulise that once bullied it is difficult to completely recover.  The paper was thrown in the bin symbolisng that we need to work together to stop any bullies we know at shcool or in the community.  A rap was introduced uisng friendship music which challenged all to work together enjoying movement and muisc.  It was lovely to see pupils coming out to the front, confident enough to lead the routine to the others.  Yellow and Green classes had a talk about sharing equipment and being friends, followed by colourful and energetic dances with pompoms.


Post 16 classes had to consider their feelings in different settings: how do you feel when ignored?  How do you feel when given too much attention?  A lively dance was then enjoyed by all.


Some comments from pupils:

Sainsbury's School Games

’I love dancing’ - P16

‘I know this dance from dance school’ - Year 10

‘We enjoyed deciding what was bullying’ - Year 11


Specialist coaches bring a depth of knowledge and experience that enhances PE provision, an encouragement for pupils to join clubs in the community and to learn a new activity; it creates community links and allows sensitive issues to be taught by a specialist.


Many thanks to Mrs Mitchell, for voluntarily giving up a whole day to work with all classes.


Jane Hawkes