Golf Coaching for Venus

02 Mar 2015

This term Ravenswood School has been selected to receive some golf coaching from professional golfers from Bristol and Clifton Golf Club. Kris and Andy will be at Ravenswood for three afternoons working with middle year classes. Pupils from P16 will be given the opportunity to play at the club later in the term.

First the pupils were shown how to use a putter and aim for a target on the ground. Then they had to use the wedge and try to hit the ball over the ‘river’ onto the green. The shots varied in height and distance but all enjoyed learning new skills and aiming for a target.

Pupil feedback: "I loved hitting the ball", "I hit the target every time!".Venus - Golf

Specialist coaches bring a depth of knowledge and experience that enhances PE provision, an encouragement for pupils to join clubs in the community and to learn a new activity; it creates community links and allows sensitive issues to be taught by a specialist.

Many thanks to Kris and Andy for giving the pupils such an enjoyable experience.