Table Cricket Regional Finals

27 Apr 2015

On April 14th the Regional Table Cricket was held for schools across South Glos, BANES, Bristol and North Somerset at the prestigious venue of UWE sports complex. The sports hall was set up by 9.00 am for the arrival of nine teams competing in two competitions. New Siblands, Briarwood, Bradley Stoke, Threeways and Warmley Park Special Schools all to compete against each other for a trophy on the day. The following teams met the correct classification and the winning team would not only win a trophy but also the chance to represent this Region at the National Finals at Lord’s in June. North Somerset team was formed from pupils from Baytree and Ravenswood School, representing South Gloucestershire was South Glos A and B teams, pupils from Brimsham Green, and Bradley Stoke Secondary Schools, BANES was represented by a team from Three Ways school


The competition was very fierce throughout the day and the official umpires who looked very professional in their ‘whites’ had a difficult time making the decision for runs, or a wicket. The games were also supported by Ralph Hardwick cricket coach from Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground, Edgar county coach from North Somerset and a team of volunteers from BT who helped run the day. Their support is much appreciated, helping with teams, setting up the tables, any issues that arise on the day, writing certificates, helping with the score table etc.


Table CricketStudents from The Castle School and Bradley Stoke also supported the event as young leaders they umpired, scored all matches, helped with the running of the event and collecting information from the teams, and running the scores table. They did a fantastic job both around the tables and generally helping with the pupils, the professional manner in which they worked all day is a credit to their schools and teachers Mrs Fletcher and Mr Jackson who are always so willing to help at this event.


The matches were well contested congratulations to the Bradley Stoke team for winning the trophy on the Day, New Siblands 2nd, Warmley Park 3rd (decided by average runs!) Once again South Glos A were the winning team and will represent this Region at the National Finals in June, closely fought by the other teams.


Congratulations to all teams for showing such tremendous team spirit throughout the day. Many thanks to Ralph Hardwick for supporting this event, to all the umpires who have volunteered their time to help every year and whose umpiring expertise we totally rely upon, Henry Hazlewood and Peter Carey representing Lord’s Taverners who totally fund the event, Mrs Fletcher for organising the students from the Castle School, Mr Jackson for leaders from Bradley Stoke and finally to staff at all schools for enabling their pupils the chance to compete. Best Wishes to South Glos A team at the final in June.