Intra Activity Report: Football Goals

19 May 2015

Once again Year 11 set the bar high with their scores. Three challenges; How many goals can the team score in two minutes? How many goals can you score in two minutes with a goalie? Sudden death, if you miss you are out. Well done to both year 10 and 11, Year 11 won by just 2 goals.


Throughout the challenges classes were asked to focus on team work, how they could improve their scores by supporting each other in a positive way. Tommy was quick to suggest the next person needs to be ready. Traey suggested putting the ball back for the next person, David told us to look at the target. Well done to Kim and Hannah from P16 in competing in sudden death, to Dominic for knocking the most skittles over in Blue class and Holly for saving a lot of goals.


To impact the activity and focus on learning,  pupils and staff were asked to complete a feedback form,  stating what they enjoyed, had learnt, skills used and a suggestion for ideas they would like to try in another challenge.