Leadership Report

12 May 2015

After several weeks of planning and practicing some new games Post 16 pupils were prepared and ready to use their skills once again at Kingshill Primary for two sessions of leadership.

Josh and Ed introduced the first game of Tag, with loud voices and clear instructions. This was followed by the traffic light game, Arch took control with just the right tone of voice and volume, the pupils knew exactly what to do. A little bit of stretching by Kim and Sophie, by copying thier actions.

New Age Curling was led by Matt, Jake and Jordan, teaching a new game. The pupils were split into teams very efficiently by Jake, Matt gave a great explanation and demonstration, Jordan followed up with the final game, all pushing stones at the same time.

James introduced sleeping lions, followed by Sarah stepping in to lead a quick parachute game.
The leaders excelled themselves, in their leadership skills, showing initiative and working as a team. Next Term Kingshill are coming to Ravenswood school.