Nailsea Ugandan Water Project

13 Jul 2015

In recent weeks we have been blessed with generous gifts from the community.  These have come in the form of donations, gifts to auction and raffle, refreshments to provide for events, offers of work from tradespeople and volunteers.  All have been gratefully received and will contribute in different ways to the Mercury Summer Makeover, when we will be refurbishing our primary department.


The children and young people at Ravenswood all have complex special needs and all need support.  Nevertheless, we teach them about the importance of giving to others, particularly to those less fortunate than us.


One way we do this is by supporting the Nailsea Ugandan Water project.  Many villages in Uganda have no local water supply.  Families walk miles to collect water for their homes.  The water is often dirty and full of germs, leading to many people suffering sickness and diarrhoea.


Money the Nailsea Ugandan Water project raises is used to build systems whereby villagers can collect and access clean water supplies.  At Ravenswood we have raised money to donate to this charity by making wooden planters and selling them (either empty or ready planted).  This week we were delighted to give £518 to Roger Evans, representing the Nailsea Ugandan Water Project.  We know the money will make a difference to families in Uganda.


When Roger visited school to receive our cheque, it was great to see Ravenswood pupils just as happy to give as they are to receive.  That's what community support is about.