Golf Coaching for Pupils in Pine and Birch

18 Jan 2016

Once again pupils at Ravenswood School are able to access some golf coaching from professional golfers from Bristol and Clifton Golf Club. Andy and Luke will be at Ravenswood for two afternoons working with middle year classes. Pupils from P16 will be given the opportunity to play at the club later in the term.
The pupils were asked what they could remember from last year so that these skills could be built upon. Using a putter the pupils were reminded how to hold the club and aim for several different targets. The next challenge was to use the chipper and try to hit the ball over the ‘river’ onto the green. After some practice the pupils had a competition, scoring points depending on how welll they hit the ball and whether they hit the target.
The shots varied in height and distance but all enjoyed learning new skills and aiming for a target.