Leading PE Activities at Kingshill School

15 Jan 2016

After working so hard to prepare their games the P16KJ students lead their activities at Kingshill School last week with loud voices, clear instructions and confidence. The students were excellent both in their leadership skills and working as a team, supporting each other to get equipment ready, praising the younger pupils and helping to organise the group.  Arch was first to lead with warm-up stretches, moving around the hall, big steps and little steps.  He had a loud voice and motivated everyone to join in.  Kim helped the pupils form a line ready for the next race and Rebecca gave loud instructions to slalom between  the cones.  Last year Sophie would only demonstrate some skills, this year she had the confidence to lead a whole game and give all the instructions with a loud clear voice, displaying such a development in personal confidence.  The leaders excelled themselves, in their leadership skills, showing initiative, working as a team and all achieving their learning objectives.  Feedback from the Kingshill pupils was much appreciated both in the delivery of the games and which games they enjoyed most.  We look forward to our next visit in two weeks time.


Many thanks to Mrs Partridge at Kingshill School for encouraging the link between the two schools. 


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