Shakespeare School Festival

20 Nov 2015

Ravenswood School pupils performed at the Tobacco Factory last week in the Shakespeare Schools Festival.  Their production of Romeo and Juliet attracted some wonderfull feedback from the festival's Venue Director, Moira Hunt:  


"Congratulations to the cast and crew of Ravenswood School on their wonderful production of Romeo and Juliet at the Tobacco Factory.  This was an accomplished and original production, a few key elements which really stood out:


The narrators introduced the characters one by one at the beginning of the piece.  Each performer stepped forward and struck a strong physical pose which represented their character - such a lovely idea and a great aid for the audience!


The cast did a great job of portraying the high emotional stakes for these characters - you really tugged at our heartstrings.  The moment when the nurse discovered that Juliet was dead was particularly powerful.  Her heartfelt reaction emanated such sorrow. 


The production made great use of the ensemble.  The swordfight at the beginning of the play was particularly strong, drawing us into this world of violence and rivalry.


The production completely embraced the tragedy of the story.  The end, when the audience were confronted with the image of Romeo and Juliet lying dead centre stage, was a truly heart-rending.  This production was colourful, emotional and beautifully sorrowful.  A huge congratulations to all the cast and crew who made it happen.  I hope to see Ravenswood School in the Festival again next year."


Shakespeare Schools Festival is the UK's largest youth drama festival, and it works with over 1,000 schools and 150 professional theatres.  They provide "all the tools, support and guidance necessary to enable schools to take students aged 8-18 on a wonderful journey by performing their own Shakespeare productions in front of a paying audience."