Changes for Life Club at Ravenswood

01 Feb 2016

Changes for Life PE Club has continued throughout the year into term 3 on a Monday after school. Pupils from across all Key stages attend, keen and eager to enjoy a variety of games and activities and improve their general level of fitness and physical skills. The club has continued to use the changes for life equipment plus a range of other games including curling, basketball, football, cricket and ball skills. Every week the pupils are asked to select the games we play giving them ownership of the session.Club members can be seen playing basketball, always great excitement when a basket is scored. New age curling is always popular, aiming for the target at the same time and then playing a game, ‘who can get the stone ‘closest to the centre. Parachute games are popular and also steal the treasure and duck duck goose. The pupils look forward to attending sports club and work well together as a team supporting and encouraging each other, they are aware of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and as a result most games they choose are physically challenging. They enjoy new activities and using new equipment all of which will enhance personal development, individual skills, self confidence and self esteem.


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