Intra Activity Term 4 - Aiming For a Target

31 Mar 2016

As we get to the end of term 4 classes are ready for the next intra activity, this time aiming for a target.  P16KJ were first into the hall, Jake divided the class into two teams and the challenge was explained. 10 cones had to be hit by the bean bag, a little harder for the quoit the bean bag had to land inside it. Well done to Blue team for winning the most games and Louis for hitting the most cones.  Now they had learnt the challenge P16KJ students used their leadership skills with Ash and Duck Class to explain the challenge and support them playing the game.  Well done to Jordan for supporting Daniel so well and to Arch for praising the team every time they hit a cone. Becky was last in the hall and completed the challenge of throwing the bean bag into 3 cones and being able to move the cones using a bean bag the length of the hall.


Pine class were eager to participate in the challenge, some pupils had great shots taking several cones in one throw.  Well done to Josh F for landing his first throw into the quoit and to Blue team for winning (Chantelle, Josh and Dylan).


Willow class and P16RM had some fierce competition, Willow winning the most games and P16RM winning the last one. Well done to Leona and Daniel for such great aiming.


After lunch there was a tight schedule with Frome and Axe, Robin, Kingfisher, Birch, and P16LC classes.  Well done to Mathew in Birch Class; fantastic shots.  Hannah in P16LC had an amazing shot landing on top of the cone.