Dodgeball Fund Raising for British Heart Foundation

15 Mar 2016

After working hard to raise money for the BHF in the individual schools, 10 pupils from Westhaven, Ravenswood and Baytree were ready to play some Dodgeball Games. The pupils were split into three teams, the teams then nominated two players who would be throwing the ball to get the others out.

The teams worked hard to run and jump to avoid being hit by a ball. It was lovely to see the two players aiming to hit players working together to achieve greater success. After all teams had played each other, the staff were challenged to see how quickly they could get everyone out. Such activity had raised heart rates and was a good lead to discuss healthy hearts and the effects of exercise on our bodies.
Following drinks Ravenswood pupils showed everyone their version of dodgeball, all were keen to have a go at a different version of dodgeball.

At the end of the match Alice louw and James from the BHF introduced themselves and explained that the money raised went mainly on research to help people with heart defects. It was with great pleasure that representatives from the schools presented the cheques for this charity. Alison and James then presented certificates to all pupils for participation.