Birch Class at New Siblands

09 May 2016

On May 5th pupils from Birch class arrived at New Siblands School to play a number of different games with pupils from S2. There was also a lovely surprise for Sam, a chance to see his old friends and be given a lovely ‘goodbye’ card that Birch class had been unable to give to him when he left Ravenswood School. The pupils then introduced themselves and Thomas from New Siblands led a ‘stuck in the mud’ warm-up. Both schools were keen to play cricket so teams were set and this was the next game.
After an exciting game pupils were more than ready for drinks and biscuits and staff had a tour of the school. Everyone enjoyed a break outside exploring a new playground with trampoline and activity equipment. The last twenty minutes new teams were selected and a game of T ball was eagerly played.
The impact of such events can be shared back at school: it enables best practice to be shared by staff, CPD through participating in some new activities, use of different equipment. For pupils it provides an opportunity for social communication, team work, sharing equipment and facility, learning to tolerate different levels of noise and being supported by staff from a different school, and an appreciation that all schools are different.