Sports Leaders at Kingshill School

09 May 2016

After two weeks of planning new activities the P16 students were ready to visit Kingshill School and lead their games again.
Kim and Sophie were first to lead with some warm-up stretching. Arch followed, with the game stuck in the mud, he gave clear confident instructions, suported by Ben in the demonstration.Jake had a harder task of introducing a new game of fox and rabbit, with the support of the class he was able to ensure everyone understood the game. The leaders can all be praised for showing initiative when helping the younger students and offering praise when they do well.
Mathew, Jordan and Rebecca gave clear instructions of how to play bench ball and all leaders supported the team in understanding the rules and moving with the game. Jordan ended the session with a parachute cool down.
IMPACT: The leaders have grown in confidence throughout the year; they are now able to lead for longer, with more children and with an air of authority. The leaders volunteer to do things and will also support each other showing initiative, all skills that are a direct impact of these sessions.