Chicken and Egg Situation

27 May 2016

This term, Birch class were set a challenge to make money. Each pupil was given £5 to invest and try to make a profit.


The class discussed business ideas and the best way to spend the money. After some market research, they agreed to pool the money and rent some chickens so that they could sell the eggs to the staff and parents of Ravenswood School.


Since then, there has been an egg stand in the staff room (which the pupils have designed) and pop-up stands at events such as governors meetings and school discos. The pupils have worked egg-tremely hard on marketing, packaging, retailing and promoting the eggs and have made a profit of over £65.


After great deliberation, the pupils have (wisely) chosen to spend their money on an egg-citing trip to Cosmo Restaurant in Bristol and a packet of custard creams!!