Sports Leaders with pupils from Kingshill at Ravenswood

15 Jun 2016

Mathew and Kim gave clear instructions for cat and mouse and were fair to select pupils for a turn, Rebecca and Kim explained the game of swap over and managed very excitable pupils. Tunnels was very popular led by both Jordan’s with the rest of the sports leaders helping create the tunnel or keeping the pupils in a line. Louis organised everyone to create a tent with the parachute followed by Ken leading the cool down. This created a gentle breeze very much appreciated by the pupils from running around so much. Ben and Arch were first to welcome the group, Ben used such a loud voice it was great to see him take control and Arch explained a modified version of stuck in the mud, a challenging task to change a familiar game. Sophie despite some nerves used a gentle voice to explain mermaids a variation on bull dog. The pupils enjoyed the warm up games and everyone was sensible whilst working in a small space. With only one week to practice the sports leaders were challenged to apply their skills to a whole class. As a group we discussed the problems this may present and how we could overcome any issues.