Movement session for New Siblands and pupils from Duck class.

13 Jul 2016

On July 12th pupils from Duck class were excited to travel by bus to work with pupils from Orange class at New Siblands School. The pupils welcomed each other with a hello song, then began a movement session with some action songs, working with scarves, can we find our: heads, arms, legs? Can we scrunch it up and throw it into the air? Next some exciting play with various PE equipment arranged around the sports hall. The impact of such events can be shared back at school: it enables best practice to be shared by staff, CPD through participating in some new activities, use of different equipment and working with other children in a movement session.  For pupils it provides an opportunity experiencing social, moral, cultural differences and developing communication skills. All too soon it was time to relax under the parachute and listen to gentle music, in the dark! Duck class were then invited to Orange classroom for a drink, biscuit and enjoy a playtime together. Ravenswood enjoyed playing with new playground equipment, the trampoline, sandpit, bricks and climbing frame. New Siblands pupils were very good at sharing all their equipment.