Term 3 Intra-Activity: Basketball Challenge

07 Feb 2017

The Basketball Challenge for term 3 was suggested by pupils in secondary classes.


Year 11 set the bar high by scoring 12 baskets in two minutes, a good score but soon beaten by Pine Class who scored 13 taking advantage of double points if you shot from further away.  Sudden death was the next challenge, everyone had two lives and when you missed you lost a life.  Rebecca in Axe class can be very proud of her success in winning, from being a little scared and hesitant she gained her confidence and didn’t miss a shot.  Freddie and Mathew in Pine class and Sophia in Wilow classes were all the remaining players.


Throughout the challenges, classes were asked to focus on team work, how they could improve their scores by supporting each other in a positve way.  Scores were collated and then used in conjunction with E-safety week learning in considering how the data could be used safely on the internet.


To impact the activity and focus on learning, pupils and staff were asked to complete a feedback form, stating what they enjoyed, had learnt, skills used and a suggestion for ideas they would like to try in another challenge.


Pupil voice: ‘I can do this’, ‘Here I will get the ball for you’, ‘Yes we won that challenge.’


Staff voice: ‘I was pleased with how my class listened to your instructions to improve the shot.’ ‘They really enjoyed the challenge and I am glad we gave them the harder challenge of aiming at the basketball ring.’


Jane Hawkes 2017


Basketball Challenge


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