Ash class and Ruby class inclusive activities at New Siblands School

06 Apr 2017

Pupils from Ash Class were excited to travel to New Siblands School today to play a range of games with pupils from Ruby Class in their lovely sports hall.


The first game of shark attack was enjoyed by all, a fast warm-up task, followed by ‘litter in my back yard’ - get rid of the balls as quickly as possible. The pupils were ready for a calmer game after all the running around so keeping the balzac balloon ball in the air gave them a chance to catch their breath and work on different skills. Curling was the next game, knocking the skittles over proved harder than we thought - but we did it, see the photo!


All too soon it was time to relax under the parachute, enjoy snack time in the café and then a shared playtime. A jump on the trampoline and play football on the outside area was great fun.


We achieved our objective which had been to learn to play games, share equipment and work with pupils and staff from different schools.


The session provided an opportunity for best practice to be shared by staff, CPD through observing pupils engage in some new activities, use of different equipment. For pupils it provided an opportunity for social communication, team work, making new friends, competition in a controlled manner and to gain an awareness of different venues.


Jane Hawkes


Axe class at New Siblands