P16 leading the sports at Kingshill School

16 May 2017

After a limited amount of practice PS16 KJ leaders were excited once again to be going to Kingshill School to lead a range of activities.  Our objective was learning to lead our sports activities with loud clear voices and to inspire the younger pupils.  As it is the season of athletics, pupils selected a range of skills from throwing, jumping and running.  


Ben and Chantelle worked togther to measure the pupils for standing long jump.  Ken gave clear instructions for hop scotch whilst Louis and Molly worked well togther,  giving instructions on throwing quoits into the bucket.  


Rebecca gave a very clear demonstration of how to use the hurdles and Louis was confident working on his own explaining how to do a basketball relay race.


The skills learnt in leadership are transferable to life skills, work place and college.  This session provided an opportunity for students to recognise that being a little nervous is acceptable but the sense of achievement is huge.  Leadership also provides an opportunity to challenge the more able within the school.


Jane Hawkes