Financial Charging

Charging for Activities


We do not charge parents for activities which are core elements of the school curriculum, but do charge or request voluntary donations for the following activities:



 ActivityCharge or request for donationSubsidiesNo charge
Individual music tuition Charge Half-price for children eligible for free school meals For children who are looked after 
Educational visits Request for voluntary donation  Half-price for children eligible for free school meals  
Residential activities Charge 



After school clubs Reduced charge Subsidised by the Parents and Friends Association  
Ingredients and / or materials for practical subjects where the item is kept or eaten by the child Termly request for voluntary donation    
Replacement of lost books or equipment Charge



Costs incurred as a result of deliberate damage to school buildings, property or furniture Small charge made Remaining costs of repair / replacement is covered by the school   



If a visit or activity incurs a cost, we will seek to recover as much as possible of the cost by informing parents/carers and asking for a voluntary contribution.  Non-payment of a contribution will not prevent a child from taking part in the activity (unless a parent/carer wishes their child to be excluded).  However, if voluntary contributions do not meet the majority of the total costs, the activity might be cancelled for whole group.