School Dinners

Our school dinners are provided by Edward & Ward Ltd, who say:Ravenswood Catering Staff

"Our menus have been fully analysed by our nutritionist to ensure that your child/children are receiving a balanced healthy meal whilst at school.  Our menus include fresh fruit and vegetables, all locally sourced to reduce our carbon footprint and support local business.  In addition we only use 100% fresh meat products, again locally sourced.  All our dishes are freshly prepared daily in our kitchens.  Working in partnership with North Somerset Council we are constantly improving the catering service."


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Fresh homemade bread and fresh drinking water is available daily.  Fresh fruit is offered daily as an alternative to the specified dessert.


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Meal price £2.19 per day



How to pay for school dinners




Free School Meals: Are you eligible?  


All children in Reception, YR1 and YR2 are entitled to receive the universal infant free school meal, however schools can get extra funding if parents are in receipt of certain benefits.  Did you know that the school receives a grant of £1,320 per year for each primary age child and £935 per year for each secondary age child registered for free school meals?  By registering, you benefit by saving up to £2.19 per day (over £400 per year) and the school can fund more provision for your child.


Find out online if your child is entitled to free school meals via North Somerset Council's online eligibility checker.  Eligible applicants need to print or save the eligibility letter that is generated by the checker and take it in to school.


Further information and check eligibility