Equality Statement

At Ravenswood School all staff and governors are committed to working together to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment to ensure every pupil feels they are a central part of the school community.


From April 2012 schools were expected to meet the requirements of the Equality Act.  The effect of the law is that all schools must work to:


• Eliminate discriminations, harassment and victimisation

• Promote equality of access and opportunity within the school and within our wider community

• Promote positive attitudes to difference and good relationships between all members of the school community.

These equality duties align with our school values.

For information on how we work to fulfil these duties please see our full Equality and Diversity Policy in the Governors section of our School Policies page.  We are also required to publish and review Equality Objectives at least every 4 years.


Our Equality Aims and Objectives for 2021-23 are: 


Now the school has achieved the Gatsby benchmarks. Next we need to ensure pupils have high quality enterprise, employability and careers opportunities. To ensure all pupils access high quality career/ enterprise/ employability lessons which gives them the skills required for their next steps. 
To further develop pupils' awareness of different cultural backgrounds.

To ensure pupils from different backgrounds/ cultures within school are recognised and celebrated.

To improve delivery of the P.E. curriculum with greater opportunities for pupils to access more outdoor learning experiences.

Provide outdoor learning opportunities for Social and Communication classes.  To develop the school's play equipment so it is accessible to all.



 Below is a review of progress towards our objectives 2020:


Objective Progress 

To improve the quality of careers teaching received across the school which ensures that we meet all of the Gatsby benchmarks.

Gatsby benchmarks achieved.

To ensure pupils from different backgrounds/ cultures within school are recognised and celebrated.

Due to Covid this target was not achieved to the standard the school would have liked, therefore we will continue with this during 2021-2023.

Provide outdoor learning opportunities to KS3/KS4.

Improve P16 P.E. curriculum to include travel training and accessing offsite facilities.

All pupils in KS3/KS4 have accessed outdoor learning lessons.  This is being embedded during 2022-23.