Intra-Activity Report: The 12 Days of Christmas

05 Dec 2016

In this session, to begin with, all classes were challenged to aim for a target. The "12 days of Christmas" had to be hit before we could win and sit down.


We were learning to work together to aim for a target and beat the other team around the clock. We were looking for all to join in with the activities, to step, point and aim for the number or skittle and to take it in turns and help each other.

All classes were praised for their enthusiasm and determination to get an accurate aim to move around the clock. Some classes had to aim for a skittle on every number before they could move on. Robin class worked well as a team and completed the clock in two minutes.

Well done to all classes for a great effort and for making the most of a chance to improve on target skills and on using the correct technique.


Pupil voice: ’It was a good opportunity to use our leadership skills with Duck class, I really enjoyed that’