Good Judgement

01 Feb 2017

Axe and Frome class students have been "investigating crimes" this term and as part of this they visited North Somerset Magistrates’ Courthouse yesterday.


After a short talk from two experienced magistrates, they went into court and saw the district judge sentence several people for a variety of offences.  It is always important in court to be very quiet, so that people can hear clearly what is being said, and the pupils’ behaviour was superb and a real credit to both their parents and the school.


Next they visited another courtroom and spent time role-playing different cases.  Ms Barnes was sentenced by them!  They liked role-playing the magistrates’ and said they had the best chairs.  They also worked together on some case studies.


The magistrates really enjoyed working with the pupils and congratulate them on the way they took part, listened carefully and behaved impeccably.