'Changes for Life' sports club

23 May 2017

It's term 5 and Sports Club at Ravenswood School remains popular for pupils across all key stages.  It's an opportunity to stay fit, learn new skills and make friends from different classes.  Pupils help to select the games they want to play which gives them ownership of the club.  This term there are eight pupils attending.


This term football remains a firm favourite, followed by parachute games, bowling, curling, cricket and circuits.  It has been lovely for some of the older students to use their leadership skills and suggest activities to play and then lead them with the younger students.  Intra activities have also been continued at sports club.


It is fantastic to see the pupils so engaged in all the activities; skill levels and levels of fitness are improved, pupils learn to work with different key stages and modify games to suit the needs of all.  Self-confidence and self-esteem are nurtured and the older pupils have leadership opportunities.

Jane Hawkes



Changes for Life Sports Club