Intra Activity Term 5: Working Together in Relay Races

23 May 2017

The PE focus this term has been on athletics: running, jumping and throwing, so the challenge for term 5 was to have fun, working together to complete races that had a focus on those skills.


Axe Class were the first to compete in the obstacle race, balance, jumping skills and 'finding your way under the parachute'.  P16BJ followed, the height was quite scary!  Frome class were quick to roll the ball between the cones and then push it back to the next person.

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Birch class can be seen forming tunnels, pushing the ball between legs and the last person collecting it and running as fast as possible to the front of the line.  Owl class enjoyed running, pushing the ball and throwing quoits into a hoop outside.  P16JM leaders were fantastic in their leadership skills, explaining the task, demonstrating and working with the pupils to ensure they stayed on task.


The impact: Whole school involvement in a common task, pupils can share ideas, discuss the skills and there is an opportunity for leaders to repeat the activities at sports club.  Competition in a controlled manner ensures more pupils can learn to cope with both winning and losing.  CPD training for staff in new activities and equipment that is in school.  An opportunity for pupils to observe staff joining in the games to help them achieve more.

Pupil voice: ‘Can I lead these games at sports club later?’ ‘That looks high it might be too hard for me.’ 'I love the parachute.'
Staff: ‘The pupils enjoy all the challenges.’ 'It is great to see everyone working together.'


Jane Hawkes