Sports Activities on Moving Up Day!

04 Jul 2017

Moving Up Day is a chance for our pupils to meet their new teachers and get to know the pupils they are going to work with next year.  It can be both an exciting and challenging day to have so many changes, especially for primary pupils moving up to the secondary site.  To help, a range of exciting activities were planned by all teachers including some sporting games.  Pupils would work together with pupils in their new classes and learn to encourage each other in a positive way.


Moving Up Day gamesFirst to arrive were the new Axe and Frome classes.  They were divided into four groups to see who could score the most basketball shots, use fine motor skills to move the balls from one bowl to another and keep the balloon ball up in the air for the most shots.  All the games were timed by the fourth group throwing the bean bag onto all the digits of the clock.  When all digits were covered, time was out, and the groups moved onto the next activity.


The games were modified for different classes; Ash class used the clock to time a relay race.  Kingfisher class used boccia balls and the small balls to determine which were easier to use and other classes knocked skittles down to help with the clock.


Pupils said: "I know the best way to move all the balls!"  "That tested my brain as well".  "I like aiming for a target".Sainsbury's School Games Gold logo


The session provided a chance for the whole school to participate in the same or modified activity, for staff to work alongside the pupils and for all pupils to recognise that team work will achieve more and if you miss something it doesn’t matter.


Jane Hawkes