Frome Class - the Firefighters!

07 Jul 2017

Today, Frome class visited Weston-super-Mare Fire Station where they were given a guided tour from the firemen.  Frome class were shown the equipment used by the fire service which included a hovercraft, breathing equipment, fire engine, multi-lift vehicle and cutting equipment.  The pupils also had the chance to use the hose to aim at a pretend fire!  Lunch was a picnic in Ashcombe Park where the pupils then played on swings, roundabout and zip-wire. 


Jamie said it was "fun and exciting", Sophie enjoyed a dog coming to say hello in the park, Eleanor liked spraying water from the hose, Joe said it was exciting to see what a fireman has to carry, Conan thought it was ok, Aleks said "I liked the park and the fire station was cool", Lita liked to use the hose to squirt the water at the target and also liked to going on the swings at the park.


Miss Lodge, Mrs Christie and Frome class.