Message from the Head

08 Sep 2017

It has been a delight to welcome your children back to school.  They have all been pleased to see their friends, tell us about their holiday break and to settle back into school routines.  I trust that the summer has been good for you all, it has been good the weather improved towards the end.


2016-17 was a very good year for Ravenswood.  We are delighted with the progress made by pupils.


School aged pupil made outstanding progress with 83% achieving or exceeding the challenging targets set in Reading, 87% in Writing and 80% in Maths.


P-16 students also made outstanding progress in Reading and Writing, with 80% achieving or exceeding the challenging targets set.  65% of students achieved or exceeded the challenging targets set in Maths, which is good progress.


Thanks to Jane Hawkes (Sports co-ordinator) we achieved Sports Gold Mark Award for the third year, and thanks to Katie Barnes (AHT) for the first time some students achieved DofE Silver Award.  These awards reflect the value we place on children's physical and emotional well-being.


We do not see SEND as a barrier to achieving success and are proud that we had children at all ages trying the same tests and exams done by their mainstream peers.  Those who did the KS2 SATs were rightly proud of their achievements.


Some Y11 students tried the new style GCSEs and did particularly well in the English exams.  Overall, Y11 and P-16 students did well in their qualification courses.  Of particular importance is that all our school leavers secured a college place for this Autumn and are confident to continue in their learning.


Looking ahead to 2017-18

We will be working to sustain and further improve these great outcomes for Ravenswood pupils.  Each is very special to us and we want to work with you to ensure that each has a positive and successful year.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any concerns about your child's welfare or progress.


Philippa Clark