Water Races For Fun to Raise Money for Clevedon Food Bank

16 Oct 2017

This year the school is supporting Clevedon and District Food Bank.  Various activities have been organised by the school councils to show the school’s support.  The Secondary School Council suggested that the Intra Activity could once again be used to raise sponsorship money.  By having fun with water they would be helping others in the community who had no food.  Thanks to all those who sponsored children.

Frome class were first to have fun with water, under and over with wet sponges, hot potatoes and then the stocks.  It was lovely to see Josh volunteer to have the sponges thrown at him.  Axe class were quick to throw the sponges and fully engaged with getting wet.  PS16KJ sports leaders were amazing, supporting the younger classes, using their initiative to help gather equipment and help the younger pupils when they needed the help.  They demonstrated the activity and were fantastic in every way.


All classes can be praised for their enthusiasm as can the staff for joining in and happily getting wet.  First relay race was to collect water by soaking sponges, running and squeezing the water into a bucket.  Which team could get the most water?  Second relay race was ‘over and under ‘with a sponge.  All classes played ‘hot potato’ throwing wet sponges around the circle.

Pupil voice: ’I really enjoyed working with Duck and Owl Classes, can we help this afternoon?' -  Eleanor and Daisy

IMPACT: School cohesion in joint events.  Cross curricular, social and moral interaction, CPD in different games, supporting the local community.




Water Races!