Panathlon Challenge

21 Nov 2017

Primary and Secondary Schools across the WESPORT area were invited to enter the Panathlon Challenge.  The primary school challenge included nine different activities which schools rotated around; a fast and active day for all.  At the secondary challenge, teams comprised of 16 competitors or schools were linked together to compete in curling, boccia, polybat, table cricket and athletics.  Axe Class were selected to attend this event and linked with Baytree were keen to score the most points, especially when they saw the trophy to be won.


The other schools competing were: Warmley Park, Culverhill, Kings Weston, Baytree and New Fosseway.  Points were awarded throughout the day for winning the individual activity and added for jumping, bean bag throwing, slalom and relay races.  There was a fine effort in the relays by all, aiming for maximum points.

SSG Logo Gold    

The final score was very close with 2 points between 1st and 2nd!  Ravenswood and Baytree were delighted to win with an overall score of 48points.  New Fosseway and Culverhill were second with 46.


Staff Voice: ‘A great opportunity to compete in such fab facilities.’

Pupil voice: ‘can we go to the next competition’, 'I love getting the medals’, ‘it was good fun today, I ran my fastest ever.’


These inter-school competitions raise the profile of PE and sport, enable pupils to compete at a different level and work with pupils from schools all across the region.  They're also an opportunity for all to experience participating at a prestigious venue.


Ravenswood Panathlon Team