Changes for Life Sports Club - Term 2 progress

20 Nov 2017

Term 2 and Sports Club continues with a core group of keen enthusiastic pupils from across all Key Stages; they are eager to keep fit and healthy and have an opportunity to learn new games and play some of their favourites.

Changes for Life Sports Club
This term so far the students have selected football, bowling, curling, parachute, throwing and catching, cricket and ‘Can you steal the keys’ and bull dog as a warm-up.  By selecting the games pupils take ownership of the club, it is their responsibility to choose games that all can participate in and enjoy.

IMPACT: It is fantastic to see the pupils so engaged in all the activities.  Skill levels and levels of fitness are improved, pupils learn to work with new friends from different key stages and modify games to suit the needs of all.  Self-confidence and self-esteem are nurtured and the older pupils have leadership opportunities.

Jane Hawkes SSCo


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