Cricket coaching for pupils in Ash and Birch

14 Nov 2017

Ash and Birch Classes have both been selected for Cricket coaching following a suggestion from Secondary School Council that pupils would like to see more sports coaches in school.  Both classes will have five sessions with Alex Taylor from Somerset Cricket Board.


We were learning skills of bowling, batting and fielding and applying them in a game situation.  Batting skills were first to be taught, thinking about stepping forward  and looking at the ball and the target.  Bowling; trying to keep a straight arm as you bowl and follow your arm around like a windmill.  Applying the skills in a game was the next challenge.


Staff Voice: ‘They really enjoyed the session, they listened to instructions’


IMPACT: Specialist coaches bring a depth of knowledge and experience that enhances PE provision, an encouragement for pupils to join clubs in the community and to learn a new activity.


Many thanks to Alex for giving the pupils such an enjoyable experience.




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