Run for the Bean Bag!

06 Feb 2018

The challenge was to work together to collect all the bean bags as fast as possible, beating the clock or the other teams.  Eveyone should join in and take it in turns to help each other.


Sports leaders had an opportunity to use their skills with different classes.  It was fantastic to see them use their initiative and help the younger students both in understanding the task, hand over hand where necessary, counting the bean bags and giving as much encouragement as possible.

Kingfisher set a good time of 1 min 24 seconds to collect all the bean bags.  P16 JM just pipped them at 1 min 20seconds.  Pupls worked together to acheive the best results and all were enthusiastic about the task.


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Pupil voice:

’Come on, we can beat the clock.’

'I enjoyed helping Pine class, they really wanted to win.’

‘Gosh there is huge difference between Pine class and Duck Class.’






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