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19 Feb 2018

Frome and Axe classes were both selected for rugby coaching following a suggestion from the Secondary School Council that pupils would like to see more sports coaches in school.  A link with Bristol Rugby Club has enabled the first session of a long-term plan to take place.  The plan is to deliver rugby to other classes and incorporate leadership skills alongside the program of leadership that already exists in school.

The pupils started with a stuck-in-the-mud warm-up.  Once caught you can only be released by catching the ball.  Maintain your space and protect your tags was the next challenge; could you dodge away from one opposition and keep your tag, or would you be the first to grab the tag?  A lot of activity was followed by 9 live tags; running around can you gather as many tags from the other players as possible to win the game?

The pupils all enjoyed the skills and opportunity to work with professional coaches from the rugby club.  They look forward to devloping their skills further and competing in a tag tournament later in the year.

Staff Voice: ‘They really enjoyed the session, they listened to instructions’

IMPACT: Specialist coaches bring a depth of knowledge and experience that enhances PE provision, an encouragement for pupils to join clubs in the community and to learn a new activity and to be invited to attend a live rugby match in the stadium.

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