P16KJ and JM Sports Leaders

26 Jun 2018

After several weeks of preparing Post16 KJ and JM students were ready to lead their activities with a whole class from Kingshill Church School.  JM students started the session with 'Stuck in the Mud' whereas KJ students opted for 'Shark Attack'.  A very hot day ao all were advised to jog or walk and not run.  Post 16 KJ students continued with some relay activities led by Michael, Lita and Jade.

Parachute games followed with clear instructions from classes; the laughter and excitement reflected how much Kingshill students were enjoying their time at Ravenswood.

All too soon it was time to finish with tunnels where all the leaders had to help make the tunnel for the younger students to crawl through.


IMPACT: The skills learnt in leadership are transferable to life skills, workplace and college.  It has provided an opportunity for students to recognise that being a little nervous is acceptable but the sense of achievement can be huge.  The teacher from Kingshill was thrilled to learn some new games that she can use again.


Jane Hawkes